Community Story Quilt

In this three day lesson I taught as a student teacher at John Lyman School, first and second graders gained insight into the idea of a "community identity." Together the class wrote a story based on a typical day in their own classroom community. Each child then created a mixed media quilt piece illustrating a part of that story. When the quilt was pieced together, the story came alive!

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CT Standards for Visual Arts addressed:

1c. Students use different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, feelings, experiences and stories
2a. Identify the different ways visual characteristics are used to convey ideas
3a. Discuss a variety of sources for art content
3b. Select and use subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meaning
4c. Create artwork that demonstrates understanding of how history or culture can influence visual art
6b. Identify connections between the visual arts and other disciplines in the curriculum
6e. Recognize that works of visual art are produced by artisans and artists working in different cultures, times and places

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