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I've put together this site to showcase some of the wonderful art work my students are creating. Take a look around and enjoy!

We Are Art Smart!

Howard Gardner, Ph.D., professor at Harvard University, first identified seven different kinds of intelligence in his classic book Frames of Mind. His theory has challenged assumptions about intelligence and learning and deeply influenced the path of education in the United States.

Gardner identifies Spatial intelligence as the ability to "think in pictures," to perceive the visual world accurately, and recreate (or alter) it in the mind or on paper. Spatial intelligence is highly developed in artists, architects, designers and sculptors. When we create art, thinking and acting to increase and develop our spatial intelligence, we become Art Smart!

Click here for an interesting article from ARTSEDGE on why being Art Smart is an important 21st century workplace skill.

About me

Julie French

I started my career in advertising as a graphic designer working with some very interesting businesses and non-profits. Click here to see some of that work. After taking time off to start a family, I wanted to combine my two loves — children and art. I'm now in my eighth year teaching art and I love it! My students' creativity amazes me every day, they are a joy to work with.

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Parents may reach me through our school website, everyone else please email juliefrench@mac.com.

Entries in Grades 9 - 12 (5)


The Wolf Project

Below are some of the stunning pieces created by one of my students showcasing wolves, a subject dear to her heart. She created versions of her wolf character in pencil, pen and ink, digital art and a 3-D model in fur, featuring a working jaw and modeled teeth. As you view the pieces below, know that all of her very detailed digital art is created on her Android phone! Amazing.

Sketchbook work


A Year in Review

I have been privileged to work exclusively in an Alternative High School setting, and wow, has the year flown by! The students in my classes are an eclectic group with many different skills and interests. They have tackled a wide range of projects, a few of which are shown here.


"Who am I" projectGraffiti ArtDetail of a walking stickSkateboard DesignTwo-color PrintmakingMarbled Paper Making


Identity Hand Project

Our first project at the high school level this year had students creating art that reflected their own thoughts, ideas and personalities. They started with an outline of their own hand, then added words and images that had personal meaning for them. The project was a good way for teacher and students to get to know something about each other, as a good first visual assessment of student abilities.


Explorations in Photoshop

The ability to use Photoshop adds an enormous amount of creativity to photographic work. The program is very versatile and can sometimes seem overwhelming to first-time users. Students gain confidence and produce interesting images by understanding just a few of the basic tools and filters.



Pop Art Reverse Painting

Students began this project by taking a photo of themselves or a favorite subject. After the photo was outlined on a sheet of acetate, they painted on the reverse side using water-based oil paint. Students were exposed to the differences between oil and acylic paints,  and how colors and layering are effected by reverse painting.