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I've put together this site to showcase some of the wonderful art work my students are creating. Take a look around and enjoy!

We Are Art Smart!

Howard Gardner, Ph.D., professor at Harvard University, first identified seven different kinds of intelligence in his classic book Frames of Mind. His theory has challenged assumptions about intelligence and learning and deeply influenced the path of education in the United States.

Gardner identifies Spatial intelligence as the ability to "think in pictures," to perceive the visual world accurately, and recreate (or alter) it in the mind or on paper. Spatial intelligence is highly developed in artists, architects, designers and sculptors. When we create art, thinking and acting to increase and develop our spatial intelligence, we become Art Smart!

Click here for an interesting article from ARTSEDGE on why being Art Smart is an important 21st century workplace skill.

About me

Julie French

I started my career in advertising as a graphic designer working with some very interesting businesses and non-profits. Click here to see some of that work. After taking time off to start a family, I wanted to combine my two loves — children and art. I'm now in my sixth year teaching art and I love it! My students' creativity amazes me every day, they are a joy to work with.

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Parents may reach me through our school website, everyone else please email juliefrench@mac.com.


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people and places that have allowed me to make my transition from graphic designer to art teacher. The State of Connecticut’s Alternate Route to Teacher Certification program allowed me to build on my art degree and professional experience to become highly qualified to teach art in Connecticut. My experience as a student teacher at John Lyman and Korn schools in Regional School District 13 was invaluable, the teachers and administrators there are my heroes and role models! Thank you to the staff at Island Avenue school in Madison for showing me the way during the two years I worked there as a paraprofessional, especially super-teacher Carissa Connell. A grateful thanks to the wonderful, caring people at St. Vincent De Paul School for their daily support and friendship during the three years I taught art there. After teaching a diverse group of students from PreK through high school in another community for two years, I am in my second year teaching Art Foundations, Photography and Graphic Design at the high school level in my hometown district. My students are very talented and they impress me with their creativity every day.

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We Are Art Smart!

 I'm going back in time a bit to talk about our very first art project this year. Seventh and eighth grade students colored individual quarter-sized sheets of paper I had preprinted with outlined letters. The students had no idea what letters they were working on, but were instructed to use complementary colors and their imaginations to decorate their pieces. When we put the pieces together the letters spelled "We Are Art Smart." The project gave me a chance to assess the skill level of each student and discuss what it means to be "Art Smart." My students had fun working with their favorite colors and patterns, and as a bonus, the banner looks great hanging in our art room!


Falling Leaves

One last leaf project this fall. Students love to paint, and grade 6 students enjoyed blending paint on paper to create backgrounds for "falling leaves" silhouettes.

We looked at photographs of blue skies and sunsets, observing how cool blues dominate daytime skies while warm colors appear at sunset. Using only blue, purple and white or yellow, red and white paint, students blended the colors directly on 12" x 18" white sulphite paper to create their backgrounds. They then drew or traced leaves from nature and cut them out from black construction paper to create the leaf silhouettes. After adding veins and outlining the leaves with metallic markers, they glued them onto their backgrounds. The composition was important, and the artists strived to create the look of the leaves falling through space against their skies. Click on any image to get to the picture gallery.


Name Patterns

This was a fun start-of-the-year project for my 4/5 grade class. Using black marker, they divided a 9" x 12" sheet of paper with intersecting straight lines, then wrote their names on an angle. They filled in the spaces within the sections formed with patterns they chose. We stressed being creative with the patterns, and how any repeating image can form a pattern, even spider webs or paw prints! Clicking on any image brings you to the picture gallery.




Name Towers

Grade Six students use the elements and principles of line, pattern, harmony and balance to create theses "Name Towers". Using the letters of their names, they rotated, flipped and stacked letters in interesting compositions that would support themselves (at least theoretically) in three dimensions. They then filled in the spaces between the letters with line and pattern. I love the way each composition has its' own personality, just like the artist who created it! Go to the gallery by clicking on any of the images.


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